10 Jul

Congratulations to our athletes who represented Canterbury at the 2023 Gymnastics New Zealand Championships in Tauranga.

Wednesday 5th July Update

Day one done & dusted!

Chane was first up this morning competing in the All-around Qualification finishing 35th in the Under division. We are so proud of her performance at her very first Nationals.

The MAG boys met up for a stretching session at the nearby Impact Gymsport Academy and then headed to the stadium to finish their training that was unexpectedly cut short the night before due to a power outage. Our gymnasts also attended the official opening ceremony and supported other Canterbury gymnasts.

Thursday 6th July Update

A very long day at Baypark Arena for our coaches, judges & supporters - but well worth it with some amazing results from the rest of our gymnasts competing their first day at Nationals.

Our Level 5 boys Callum & Olly were first up. Olly placed 1st Rings, 1st= Floor, 2nd Parallel Bars & 1st Team. As well as a new PB overall score for the year, he also received PB's for Floor & Rings. Receiving a profiency score of 66.450, Olly has qualified for second day Overall Finals. Callum placed 10th on Pommel Horse and also received PB's for Floor & Rings. Callum has also qualified for second day Overall Finals.

Level 4 boys Aidan & Caleb were next up. Caleb placed 1st on Vault, 2nd on High bar and received a profiency score of 63.500. As well as qualifying for second day Overall Finals, he also received a new PB overall score for the year and PB's for Vault & High Bar. Aidan had a great first attendance at Nationals placing 9th in Vault and receiving an overall PB for the year as well as PB's for Pommel Horse and Vault.

Evan finished off the MAG 8 season 4th Overall and 1st Team. He has qualified for second day Apparatus Finals in Floor, Pommel Horse & Rings on Saturday, an opportunity to rest up his sprained ankle today he received while competing. He also received PB's for Vault & Floor.

After a very long wait (& delayed start) Emma was our last gymnast competing for the day; coming an impressive 8th Overall in a large Over section, 1st Canterbury Over & 4th Canterbury Overall. Emma has qualified for second day Apparatus Finals in Vault & Beam and her score of 46.283 also allows her to receive a profiency pin. She also received PB's for her overall score, Bar & Beam.

Well done team!

Friday 7th July Update

Congratulations to Caleb, Callum & Ollie who headed to the Mercury Baypark Arena today for Level 4 & 5 finals.

Caleb was first up with Level 4 Overall Finals, placing 15th and receiving another new PB for High Bar with an impressive 11.650. Well done Caleb, a fantastic result.

Callum & Ollie then participated in the Level 5 Overall finals. Ollie was crowned Overall national champion with another new PB overall score as well as achieving PB's for Vault, Parallel Bars & High Bar. A truly impressive result! Callum also received a new overall PB and PB's for Pommel & High Bar. Well done Callum, another fantastic result.

We are so proud of your results boys, you should be very proud of yourselves!

Saturday 8th July Update

Today Evan & Emma headed to the Mercury Baypark Arena for their Apparatus finals

Evan was first up placing 3rd on Vault with a new PB of 12.033. Evan, you are an incredible gymnast, coach and role model for our younger gymnasts. All the best for your career in the the Army, you will be missed in the gym!

Emma was in the final session of the championships and placed 4th on Vault, receiving a 12.200, a new PB. 

Olly was also presented with two trophies today: Highest Score across Levels 4 - 6, and Highest E Score across Levels 4 - 6. So well deserved Olly, you've had a fantastic Nationals and you should be very proud of yourself.

Well done team on a great day!