Affinity Cheerleading Academy is a new addition to the sports offered by Affinity Gymnastics Academy commencing 2020.  The addition of Cheerleading is considered complimentary to our gymnastics programme and cheerleaders at Affinity have the benefit of training in a dedicated facility with the use of sprung floor, dead floor and specialist tumbling equipment.  

Cheerleading involves a choreographed combination of gymnastics tumbling, acrobatic stunts, jumps and dance. It is a team sport that relies on willingness to learn and above all team spirit!

Our current programme is aimed at ages 8 years and upwards, however if your child is keen and is below this age, feel free to email the team as we are keen to expand the programme to other age group divisions.

The divisions available in the sport of cheerleading are;

Tiny- <6yrs (L1 & L1N)

Mini- 6 to 8yrs (L1 & L1N)

Youth- 5 to 12yrs (L1,L1N, 2,3,4.2,4)

Junior- 8 to 14yrs ((L1,L1N, 2,3,4.2,4,5R,5)

Senior- 10 to 18yrs (L1,L1N, 2,3,4.2,4,5R,5)

Open- 12+yrs (L1,L1N, 2,3,4.2,4,5R,5, L6 17 yrs+)

Further details can be found be visiting the NZ Cheer Union website link (here)


We offer participation in competitions for specialty and team routine.

A team routine combines all the elements of cheerleading (tumbling, acrobatic stunts, jumps, and dance) into 2.5 minute performance. A team can consist of 6 – 30 athletes.

A specialty division focus on one aspect of cheerleading for a 1 minute performance. Specialty divisions available are: stunt group, partner stunt, individual jumps & tumble routine, or a duo jumps & tumble routine.


For training the following are ideal: a form fitting t-shirt or singlet, sports leggings or fitted bike shorts, long hair tied up, no jewelry, and clean, white, soft soled shoes.

For competing, the uniform will consist of cheer shoes, a cheerleading uniform, and sometimes hair accessories in the form of a bow or a scrunchie.

Training Times

Wednesday evenings 6pm to 7.30pm

Sunday afternoon 4.30pm to 6pm

Note: participants of team routine are required to train twice a week.


The fees per term are as follows;

One-off membership fee: $20 (new members only)

Single 1 1/2 hr  session (either Weds or Sunday): $180/term

Two 1 1/2 hrs sessions (both Weds and Sunday, 3 hrs total):$330/term (required for team routine training)

Trial sessions are available for $15 one-off payment.

The above fees do not include other associated costs such as competition uniforms, team wear, NZCU affilliation and competition fees.

For further information please don't hesitate to contact our Cheer team on who will be only too happy to help with any further questions.